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7110 Forest Ave Suite 203, Richmond, VA 23226
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Infusion Solutions, LLC, was founded in 2020 by Annette Bennett, Patrick Oliver, MD, and Lucien Roberts. Located at 7110 Forest Avenue, Infusion Solutions is the first independent infusion center in Central Virginia. Our inspiration came from the infusion experiences of close family: Annette’s brother, and Lucien’s father. We saw a need for something better, something more personal, and something more affordable. Infusion Solutions is different. We designed our suite around what was missing with our Leaderships family members’ experiences. We offer five private infusion rooms as well as an open area for those who wish to get their infusions in the company of other patients. Each infusion chair is equipped with heat, massage, and USB connectivity. Our staff is comprised of medical directors and experienced, infusion-trained registered nurses. We did not cut corners in either the quality of our furnishings or our staff. Anyone who’s ever been to a hospital knows how expensive care can be, and that’s no exception with infusion services. One of the fastest ways to meet one’s deductible is to have an infusion at a hospital. Infusion Solutions is a less expensive and more convenient alternative. The same hospital cost concerns apply to any patient who’s ever been sent to the emergency room for an infusion, be it IV fluids for dehydration, IVIG for an intestinal flare-up, or iron for Chronic Kidney Disease. Hello hospital bill, bye-bye deductible. That’s why we offer same-day infusions. No one needs to mortgage their home to pay for an emergency room infusion. Infusion Solutions…inspired care.

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7110 Forest Ave Suite 203, Richmond, VA 23226

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