Infusion Center Owners


Built by a Doctor’s Practice For a Doctor’s Practice

The ICS Platform is designed to assist independent, office- based infusion centers increase their productivity while lowering costs and improving your bottom line. We believe the future of infusions is “office based” and we’re building a network of stakeholders to support and benefit from this belief. Join us and we’ll help direct patients towards your office- based infusion center as we continue to strive to work towards increasing the utilization of available office- based infusion sites nationwide.

ICS Looks to Leverage Processes and Technologies

We share the same goals as you. Our distinguished, interdisciplinary team is comprised of physicians, healthcare professionals, industry experts, and technologists whose cumulative years of hands on experience make us experts in the industry.

Our goal is to:

  • Increase the total number of office- based infusions.
  • Assist infusion centers to improve their efficiency and economic outlook helping them to remain independent.
  • Align incentives between referrers, patients, infusion centers, industry, and payors.
  • Improve the quality of office-based infusion by creating an industry standard and accreditation.
  • Increase access and improve value.
  • Collaborate with site-of-care initiatives.
  • Partner with pharmacies, manufacturers, and payors for improved data and better outcomes.

How It Works

We've started with a simple goal in mind and have built a web portal to support it. We have the employees and proven processes to streamline your infusion center practice and help patients in need to find you. We will connect referring physicians and patients to your center and fill your chairs more often.

While helping to expand your infusion center, we continue to build our own multi-portal platform to serve you better and set us apart from all other infusion locator services. Using the latest in health technology, the ICS platform will be the first to allow multiple stakeholders to connect. We welcome our early adaptors to help us define the ecosystem of office-based infusion therapies.

Please Join Us

We invite office-based infusion centers across the United States to become members of our collection of qualified centers. Your center may already be listed in our network, but if it isn't, we invite you to add your center and become verified by one of our ICS staff and fill your chairs more often. The process is simple, search for your center and claim it if it's already listed. If it's not, you can easily add your center with just a few short questions. No matter how you start the process, one of our highly trained and professional claims specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

ICS is a membership organization of independently-owned, office-based infusion centers who want to streamline the complicated process of infusible medications, maximize infusion chair utilization, obtain referrals, implement best practices, and reduce costs for the healthcare industry as a whole. A large part of the solution to our healthcare economy and nursing shortage crisis is to simultaneously decrease cost while maximizing productivity in a safe and controlled environment. For infusion, to accomplish this, we must steer patients toward office-based infusion centers and maximally increasing the utilization of available office- based infusion sites.

Our goal is to empower our member centers to improve their quality and performance by bringing patients to under- utilized infusion chairs and improve access to high quality site-of-care for infusion patients. We focus on overhauling not just the way patients find infusion centers and receive their medications, but also improving the system as a whole for patients, infusion centers, and industry partners alike.

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