Infusion Center Solutions (ICS) was established in 2017 as an innovative platform to bring together patients seeking infusion medications and independently-owned, office- based infusion centers saving money for both patients and the healthcare system as a whole.

The cost of infusions at hospitals is exorbitant. In fact, each patient that transitions from a hospital to an office-based infusion center saves their insurance carrier and employer up to $100,000 per year, per patient. These savings can be passed to patients in the gradual lowering of premiums as they help save money. Home based infusions, while certainly convenient, creates an unsustainable scenario of a 1:1 nurse to patient ratio when our healthcare system is currently suffering a nursing shortage. Additionally, safety, control, and sterility of the environment in a home setting potentially puts patients at an unnecessary risk. Office-based infusion centers are the corner piece of the puzzle bringing together cost-savings and safety for patients. Additionally, office-based infusion utilize the advantages of appropriate nursing utilization (up to a 1:4 nurse to patient ratio), ultimate flexibility of insurance coverage, patient safety, and a controlled yet cost-contained environment.


We share the same goals as you. With a distinguished interdisciplinary team of MD's, healthcare professionals, industry experts, technologists and years of hands on experience with office-based infusions to guide the growth of the ICS network,we aim to:

iconIncrease the total number of office-based infusions.

iconIncrease access and improve value.

iconHelp infusion centers improve the efficiency and economic outlook so they can stay independent.

iconCollaborate with site-of-care initiatives.

iconAlign incentives between referrers, patients, infusion centers, industry, and payers.

iconPartner with pharmacies, manufacturers, and payers for improved data and better outcomes.

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